What Problems Can Physical Therapy Treat?

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What Problems Can Physical Therapy Treat?

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Physical therapy is a widely accepted form of medical treatment that has been used to treat a variety of different ailments. Physical therapy is also not exclusively prescribed for adults, and even children can benefit from it. As a universally accepted healthcare option, you may wonder what types of problems physical therapy can help. Physical therapy has various treatments that can be applied to treat different medical and physical problems. To help you understand whether physical therapy is right for you, we’ve compiled a list of different types of issues that can be treated with physical therapy.

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Table Of Content:

  1. Musculoskeletal pain and ailments
  2. Balance
  3. Neurological issues
  4. Sports injuries and athletic performance
  5. Post surgery rehabilitation
  6. Pelvic floor dysfunction
  7. Respiratory problems
  8. Incorrect posture and pain
  9. Cancer


Problems That Can Be Treated With Physical Therapy

After consultation with a physical therapist, the root cause of the problem is identified, for which the therapist then decides which form of therapy to employ.

  1. Musculoskeletal pain and ailments

This means treating pain in muscles, joints, and bones. Additionally, related ailments such as muscular dystrophy and limited range of motion can be addressed via physical therapy. Problems such as back pain, arthritis, and neck pain can be treated through the use of manual therapy, exercise, and hot or ice therapy.

  1. Balance

By improving strength, coordination, and flexibility through exercises, therapists can help to enhance an individual’s balance. This can help with vertigo and improve the walking ability of the elderly.

  1. Neurological issues

If a neurological issue has some kind of motion or motor-related symptoms, physical therapy can help in many cases. By assisting the patient in improving mobility or slowing the development of progressive disease, physical therapy can significantly impact the quality of life of patients suffering from conditions such as a stroke or Parkinson’s disease

  1. Sports injuries and athletic performance

Physical therapy can be necessary for many sports injuries, such as sprains and fractures. This can help accelerate the rate of healing while ensuring that the injury heals correctly to minimize any long-term impairment to their athletic performance. Additionally, many athletes retain their own physical therapists to help them optimize their performance both on the field and during recovery. At Impact Health & Performance, we have decades of experience working with athletes to maximize their performance and allow them to perform at the peak of their abilities.


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  1. Post surgery rehabilitation

After a major surgery, physical therapy may be needed to assist in returning a patient to their previous level of mobility. Many types of physical therapy can be used depending on the post-surgery to be addressed, such as manual therapy, hot or cold therapy, or exercise. This can aid in the body’s healing after the surgery while accelerating the recovery time frame.

  1. Pelvic floor dysfunction

Urinary tract incontinence, pelvic pain, and sexual dysfunction are all examples of common problems faced by patients with pelvic floor dysfunction. To help alleviate the patient’s symptoms or quality of life, therapists may use techniques such as exercises to improve the pelvic floor muscles and biofeedback.

  1. Respiratory problems

By assigning lung-strengthening breathing exercises, physical therapy can assist patients suffering from respiratory problems such as chronic bronchitis

  1. Incorrect posture and pain

Incorrect posture is becoming increasingly common, with more people seated in front of their computers or using their phones for longer. Pain caused by poor posture can be reduced, while the patient’s posture can also be corrected over the long term by following a series of exercises.

  1. Cancer

While not directly addressing cancer, physical therapy can be an invaluable treatment to support recovery. Certain types of cancer treatment can lead to physical impairment or disability, so applying physical therapy can assist with the recovery of the cancer patient by improving 



Physical therapy is a beneficial and essential tool for individuals suffering from any musculoskeletal issue and related ailments. Open communication between therapist and patient is key to ensuring successful treatment. Impact Health and Performance provides motivated and expert physical therapists, dedicated to providing the highest quality care available in order to get you back to your normal life as soon as possible. 

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