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Our physical therapy (PT) programs, achieve outstanding results because we treat you as a whole person. Our programs are based on the perspective of optimizing your health while improving your performance.

We realize that in a world of specialization, people have come to expect a specialist for every problem. As Physical Therapists, our training and scope of practice is broad and encompasses assessing your injured or painful body part and how other areas of your body are influencing the injured area

We need to assess the muscles and fascia, motor control and coordination, joint mobility, and functional movements. We focus on guiding you to understand and access your body so you can participate in the healing of your body.

We need to look at how you use your body in work, sport, and life. This is true for every part of your body. Why would you want anything less?

Why Visit Us For Your Recovery?

At Impact Health Physical Therapy, we assess your specific pain or localized problem in order to understand how the pain is affecting your body. Then we look at your whole body to find the often hidden causes of your pain.

Correcting the cause of your symptoms, which is often distant from the site of your pain, creates a long-term solution. Our core philosophy is to optimize your health. Are you ready to heal your body and get a long-term solution?

Call us, we are here to guide you on your journey to healing and achieving your highest level of performance.



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