Our Personal Training Program


Your health is a continuum. Personal Training and Physical Therapy are integrated disciplines of that continuum. We specialize in designing a fitness program around you: unique to you, your body, and your goals.

Our Clinical Fitness programming recognizes optimizing your health is our primary goal. Your performance should reinforce your health. Correcting your mechanics is an essential part of our clinical fitness program.

As an example, think of your car. If the alignment is bad, driving will cause unnecessary wear on the vehicle. Faulty alignment in your body is common. If we don’t correct your alignment, the exercises often cause injury.

We find that we often can’t tell when our alignment is faulty. We are here to teach you and correct it!
Our personal training is enhanced by the physical therapist’s knowledge and expertise.


What Our Certified Personal Trainer Can Do For You

Our Personal Trainers are trained in the Millen Method and the clinical fitness curriculum which is all about getting you to your goal optimally.

We create and design individualized and objective exercise programs ranging from post-injury rehabilitation to sports-specific training and of course weight loss.


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