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Injuries can range from a simple slip-and-fall to sports-related injuries and overuse. Rehabilitation of these injuries requires an understanding of normal anatomy, physiology, and tissue healing.

Your therapy treatments at Impact will focus on the recovery of normal biomechanics and guided movement to allow restoration of normal activity and movement as quickly as possible.

You and Your Healing is our focus and the criteria that determine the success of your treatment.

What’s your current injury/overuse/pain that limits or restricts your activity?

We can guide you through correction and recovery so you can get back to all the activities you love! Contact us today and see how we can help you with rehabilitation for your injury.



Post Surgery Rehabilitation

Following surgery, the healing of the repaired tissue is the central focus of rehabilitation.

Our hands-on manual therapy controls the loading on the injured and repaired tissue.

We guide you in proper movement and exercise while protecting the tissue and maintaining proper biomechanics.

Your progress through the rehabilitation process is based on how your body is healing.

We do our best to minimize your pain and discomfort while facilitating your return to full activity. We work with the guidelines of your surgeon to ensure the optimal result post-surgically.



After having shoulder surgery for a rotator cuff tear, the therapy I had before coming to Joe was limited to instruction in an exercise and then doing it on my own with no feedback. I had a poor outcome – I still couldn’t use my arms well. As an Anesthesiologist, I couldn’t even tie my own surgical mask. When I saw Joe, he put his hands on me and worked with me to learn to connect to the muscles in my shoulder and I fairly quickly began improving and regaining use of my shoulder. After a few short months, I have regained the ability to use my arms for daily task including tieing my mask and shooting baskets.

Bill Hartenbach, MD

John Hopkins Medicine/All Children’s Hospital

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