Certified Nutrition Coach

What does eating have to do with a dysfunctional, hurting body?

Nutrition can directly affect recovery and function when an individual has suffered an injury or is recovering from a musculo-skeletal surgical procedure.


Our Nutrition Coaching In Action

At Impact Health and Performance we offer professional advice by educating our clients on their individual nutritional needs. We believe fueling your body with the proper variety and portion of foods will lead to a healthier and happier lifestyle by assisting in optimal recovery and healing of damaged tissues.

As the Greek physician, Hippocrates is attributed to saying, “Let your food be your medicine and let medicine be your food.” The power of food to heal and restore vitality has long been accepted in all of the world’s cultures. Our clients want the best physicality for themselves so they can enjoy their lives and have the ability to move easily and pain-free. Food is an integral part of that optimization


Food is Not Just Fuel

We understand that food is not just fuel; it’s more than merely a form of energy and nutrients. Food is involved in long-standing traditions having religious or ethical meanings. Food is a part of our celebration as humans. It is mingled in the celebrations of our family and friendship connections. It adds great meaning to our lives and is the basis of cherished memories we hold dear.

So, which foods make up a person’s healthy diet is as unique as each of our individual clients.  Each person has our own experiences with food stemming from how we are raised and what culture we grew up in. Our attitude towards food is founded in the environment we were nurtured by, so our nutritional coaching program takes these factors into account when a client comes to us for advice on nutrition. We know there is no such thing as only one way to eat healthily. We understand that long-term habits are what is needed to get the most benefit from the foods we choose.

At Impact Health you can expect a personalized program to work towards your goals whether they be quicker healing from injury or surgical intervention, weight loss to alleviate orthopedic stresses, or performance enhancement.

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