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Services We Offer

physical and injury therapy

Injury Rehabilitation

Are you looking to get back into doing what you love? Proper guidance will help you regain movement in no time. We will guide you through your Injury Rehabilitation in Clearwater by making your healing our focus.

certified personal trainer

Personal Training

We design the personal training program around you with our certified personal trainer in Clearwater to make sure that your health is our goal. We reinforce correct mechanics through our Millen Method trained Personal Trainers to deliver on your goals.

certified nutrition coach service

Nutrition Coaching

Why food? Why not? Food is what fuels your recovery from within. We work hard to have the right kind of food on your plate that fits your lifestyle. Sign up for nutrition coaching with our certified nutrition coach in Clearwater to become a healthier and happier you.

surgery prevention service

Surgery Prevention

Save yourself from dealing with surgery-related pain and the expense of having to undergo surgery. We offer non-operative treatments to recover from bodily injuries and pain. Our surgery prevention therapy is one of the best in Clearwater.

k laser service


State-of-the-Art K-Laser treatments to relieve pain, speed up healing, and increase range of motion. Come and experience the convenience of recovery from scar tissue to nerve injuries. Schedule your appointment now.

Why Choose

Impact Health and Performance

Choose Impact Health and Performance because we promise to care for you. Our focus will be on your good health and happiness. We will help you reach your optimal health with our state-of-the-art treatments and trainers. Our integrated methods will give you the best overall care you can get second to none. Our goal is to provide you with the care that we would choose without a blink of an eye.

Why Our Services are
Different Than Typical Injury Rehabilitation or Physical Therapy Practices in Clearwater

We are different from regular injury rehabilitation or physical therapy practices. Your betterment is our goal. We are invested in your recovery along with you. Together we will create a customized plan that is all about Physical Therapy and a plan that includes other available treatment methods. We will provide you with a unified solution to your injuries and be right beside you throughout the process. Plus, we are fully qualified in many physical therapy practices such as surgery prevention and more. Also, we count on our certified nutrition coach and personal trainer to offer you a complete rehab experience across Clearwater.


What Our Clients Say


The best in Physical Therapy

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I wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I appreciate your impact on my life. Your excellent skills in therapy and your keen insight into physical complaints are key to keeping me healthy and able to complete my goals. My success in the The Ironman is due to you

Thomas M. Andrews, M.D

Exceptional Physical therapy

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After shoulder surgery, I was told to give up swimming and gardening. I was devastated. When I went to Joe, he directly began by asking me what my goals were in coming to physical therapy. After some theraoy time I could resume swimming and basketball without shoulder pain!

Ursula Snow

Personal training changed my life
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Before developing a fitness regimen for me, Joe asked me about my personal health issues, in my case shoulder tendinitis, arthritic knees and gout. Two years later I have no shoulder or knee issues. For someone seeking an active life I recommend Joe Millen.

Craig Stevens

Top physical therapy service out there
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After shoulder surgery, the therapy I had before coming to Joe was very limited with no feedback. Cero results. As an Anesthesiologist, I couldn’t even tie my own surgical mask. When Joe put his hands on me I quickly began improving and regaining use of my shoulder.

Bill Hartenbach, MD


Highly recommended physical therapy

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The team at Impact Health is extremely caring, knowledgeable and professional. Joe’s expertise in physical therapy is truly incomparable. As a patient, I love his innovation and unique approach to healing. They offer customized treatments that is individualized for the most optimal results.

Lindsay Bush

Come here for your Injury rehabilitation

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First visit was educated on how we needed to proceed to correct my issues. I already have positive results. I wish I found these folks months ago when I had my accident. Looking forward to my recovery!! Big thank you for all the theam at Impact Health and Performance.

Stella Dawson

Trusted Certified personal training

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I started at Impact to keep my body in shape for an ultra marathon I was going to run and Joe kept me ready to go when the gun sounded and got me to the finish line. The individual time they spend with you is the only way to get healed and stay that way. Thank you Impact Health and Performance!

Josh Davis

fantastic physical therapy

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Joe Millen is an amazing physical therapist. I am an athlete, Pilates instructor and personal trainer so having my body in optimal condition is essential. Joe has worked with me on multiple injuries (including hip, shoulder, neck- whiplash from a car accident) with fast results.

Audrey Todd

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