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Is Physical Therapy Also For Children?

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It’s widely known that physical therapy can be a beneficial treatment for adults suffering from various muscular-skeletal ailments, but what about children? Many parents and even medical professionals may be under the impression that physical therapy is solely reserved for adults, however this could not be further from the truth. In reality, physical therapy has many benefits for children as well. In this blog post we’ll explore why physical therapy may in fact be a great option to consider when facing certain injuries or conditions in young patients. 


Table Of Content:

  1. Understanding Physical Therapy
  2. Can Children Benefit From Physical Therapy?
  3. What types of treatment could be prescribed?
  4. What can you expect?

Understanding Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a form of health care that aims to alleviate pain, improve mobility and motion, and improve quality of life through various treatments, usually involving physical activity such as exercises and stretches. It is a widely accepted form of health care that is often natural and non-invasive with minimal side effects while still producing noticeable improvements.

Many specialist physical therapy clinics such as Impact Health and Performance in Clearwater, Florida, provide world-class treatments to address both widespread and more uncommon conditions. Common ailments that physical therapy is usually applied to are:

  • Pain relief
  • Sports injury recovery
  • Rehabilitation after a surgery
  • Adapting to a prosthetic limb
  • Orthopedic issues
  • Aiding with chronic illness

Just as with traditional medicine, the treatment prescribed in physical therapy differs based on symptoms, with more modern treatments such as laser and ultrasound treatment being used.

Can Children Benefit From Physical Therapy?

As part of growing up, children tend to be adventurous, curious, and highly active, an unfortunate combination that can lead to mishaps and injuries. Apart from the injuries that can come about during day-to-day life, some children may have congenital health problems or develop chronic conditions that may even be progressive.

In many cases, depending on the type of issue and the seriousness of the condition, physical therapy may be the only care required or could be used in conjunction with other treatments for maximum efficiency. An important note to include here is that, as with any medical advice, always consult a professional medical practitioner before following any instructions or guidance you receive here or anywhere else. Our therapists at the Impact Health clinic in Florida are experts in diagnosing a broad range of health issues and providing treatments for them.

Some of the conditions that can be treated in children include:

  • Sports injuries – a child can recover faster from a sports injury, including regaining strength and mobility more rapidly by undergoing physical therapy.
  • Muscle disease – children suffering from muscle diseases may have undeveloped or weak muscles. Physical therapy can aid them by strengthening their muscles and helping them develop.
  • Genetic disorders – certain genetic conditions may also lead to physical deformity or underdevelopment. Physical therapy can contribute to improving the pain, mobility, and strength of children suffering from genetic disorders
  • Vertigo – though more common in adults, children can also suffer from vertigo. As some physical therapy treatments improve balance, this can help combat vertigo’s effects.

These are just some conditions that physical therapy can help improve or subdue. At Impact Health and Performance, we strongly believe physical therapy can improve the quality of life of children suffering from a range of conditions. Our team of qualified specialists will do their best to ensure your child is cared for with responsibility and personal attention.


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What types of treatment could be prescribed?

Qualified physical therapists carefully diagnose the problems alongside the patient before prescribing treatment. Due to the variable nature of physical therapy, most of the treatments adults may require can be used to treat children as well – though made less strenuous and challenging to accommodate the child’s condition and age.

You can find a list of the six most common types of treatment in physical therapy here, and do not be surprised or worried should a therapist recommend one for treatment. Trained, experienced therapists administer all treatments, and side effects are minimal if any.

What can you expect?

While we can only speak for ourselves at Impact Health and Performance, the following processes are commonly followed best practices in the industry.

Note: a parent or legal guardian must accompany the child for the initial consultation and any subsequent sessions.

  1. A qualified therapist will discuss the difficulties and symptoms the child is displaying to help get to the root of the problem. It is essential to be very transparent and thorough when explaining the issues, including ensuring you discuss any relevant medical history to ensure that the proper treatment can safely be prescribed for your child. Sometimes a doctor may directly recommend your child for physical therapy, so ensure you also discuss any such advice.
  2. Based on the diagnosis or doctor’s recommendation, the therapist will advise if physical therapy suits your child’s condition. Should it be an appropriate form of care, they will prescribe a schedule of treatments that must be followed carefully. Some treatments may require the child and legal guardian to visit the clinic for the activity to be conducted under the guidance of a therapist. Other treatments may be able to be done from the comfort of your home while following the instructions given by the therapist. Many insurance policies require prior approval for therapy coverage. So should you need insurance, we will provide the evaluation results and recommendations to share with your insurer.  
  3. The therapist will monitor your child’s progress throughout the treatment and tweak it as necessary to ensure optimum results. Your child must be open with you and the therapist about any new developments in their condition to ensure the therapist can course-correct as necessary. As children may be shy or unwilling to be open with professionals, you must maintain a close eye on your child’s progress at home and during the treatments to encourage feedback from them.
  4. Upon the completion of the treatment, your therapist will evaluate the final outcome of the sessions and will provide any further long-term recommendations for future care.



Children can benefit significantly from physical therapy; it is a safe and tested form of care for many illnesses and ailments. Should you or your child have any health issues you would like an opinion on and are around the Clearwater, Florida, area, please do not hesitate to contact Impact Health and Performance today. Our therapists have decades of experience in a broad range of problems and treatments, and we would be happy to discuss your ailments and find a solution for them in a natural, holistic manner.

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