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Our Goal is Surgery Prevention and We Serve Clearwater, FL

Acute and chronic pain affects so many people who are seeking surgery prevention Clearwater FL. It is difficult to go through life in a constant state of agony, but it’s even worse when you’re not able to do the things that make your day-to-day living manageable, or even possible, at times. Neurologists and orthopedic doctors may recommend surgery to “correct” the problem. However, there is never a guarantee that an operation will fix the underlying source of your pain, and we’ve seen many cases where surgery prevention Clearwater FL would’ve had more successful outcomes.

Most of the time surgery is the first option to relieve pain or discomforts but later it  becomes a situation where you need to take care of yourself for long periods of time and pain increases. Here at Impact health & performance we strive to offer you the best surgery prevention services and give you peace of mind to solve your pain. Here, we give you the approaches on our surgery prevention services.

We are Specialists in Surgery Prevention Clearwater FL

At Impact Health and Performance, a team of clinicians collaborate to customize treatment plans for surgery prevention Clearwater FL, so regardless of what you’re expecting from your healthcare experience, we have the perfect program for surgery prevention Clearwater FL. We collaborate as a team combining our specialties in physical therapy, personal training and nutritional coaching to help you feel better and heal better for surgery prevention Clearwater FL.

Our specialists work together with clients wherever they are: in their homes, fitness centers and athletic fields for surgery prevention Clearwater FL. We strive for each individual client to not only alleviate any pain, but also strengthen the body by developing endurance, flexibility, coordination, balance, muscle and biomechanical integrity for surgery prevention Clearwater FL, optimal health and a pain-free life.

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Relieve Your Pain for Surgery Prevention Clearwater FL

The specialists at Impact Health Performance know how troublesome pain impacts all those who suffer from it.  That’s why our highly-skilled healthcare team is certified and expertly-trained in physical therapy, personal training, rehabilitation and nutritional counseling, to facilitate surgery prevention Clearwater FL.

Our team offers a variety of non-surgical treatments and therapies to relieve your pain, improve your overall function and mobility, while meeting and exceeding your health goals. All of this is for surgery prevention Clearwater FL.

Whether you’re seeking pain relief, training for a triathlon, trying to improve your golf game or hoping for surgery prevention Clearwater FL, our team of experts will design and implement an individualized fitness program tailored specifically towards your needs. Some treatment options include:

  • Physical Therapy using Millen Method
  • K-Laser Therapy
  • Rehabilitation Treatments
  • Nutritional Coaching
  • Instruction for Continued Recovery and Healing

Impact Health and Performance’s physical therapists are at the forefront of surgery prevention Clearwater FL, using techniques like The Millen Method to get you back on your feet without needing invasive procedures.

Our rehabilitation therapies focus on surgery prevention Clearwater FL and recovery from injuries. Rehabilitation includes specific treatment options customized for you to make progress. For example, K-Laser Therapy is a state of the art laser technology used to expedite pain relief while improving ranges of motion.

Moreover, nutrition plays an integral role in healing and function, which is why it’s important to maintain your health by eating the right foods. If you’re experiencing chronic pain, then it may be time for a nutritional coach to examine your diet and the foods your consuming to make sure nutrition is not a contributing factor to your pain and physical condition.

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Surgery should always be the final treatment option you choose for pain relief and recovery from injuries. The team of professionals at Impact Health and Performance are experts at surgery prevention Clearwater FL. We have more than 15 years of experience, so we know what is effective for a variety of conditions. Let us customize a care plan for your recovery today, so you can get back to living your life in abundance! Call us today: 727.785.8737


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